KanineCare® poop scooper

KanineCare® poop scooper

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Are you still troubled by using your hand to pick up the poo of your beloved dog?  Being a dog parent is a lot of fun, cleaning after your dog is not. That is why we invented the KanineCare® poop scooper. 

Now, KanineCare® poop scooper can make the unpleasant but necessary task of collecting dog waste even easier.

KanineCare® poop scooper is committed to creating a good environment for dogs and dog owners. It will be the perfect companion for you and your beloved dog in walking, going to the park, camping and climbing.

A MUST-HAVE for every dog parent!

  • EXTENDABLE: The backside adjusts in size so you can scoop it all. Best for dogs of all sizes. [10KG≤Dog Weight≤50KG].
  • CONVENIENT: KanineCare® poop scooper has an integrated waste bag compartment so you are all set. Use any standard size rolls.
  • PORTABLE: Doggy Dental®  poop scooper hooks on a leash. You won't forget it and you won't have to carry it.
  • EFFECTIVE: Remove dog poop and waste from any surface without using your hands. Keep sidewalks and lawns clean!
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Providing high-quality products to our customers is always our promise. If you have any problem just contact us, we promise the 30 guarantee days.



Question: What size KanineCare® should I get for my dog? 

Answer: We recommend a small-sized scooper for dogs that weigh less than 50 lbs(22kg), and a large scooper for dogs 50 lbs(22kg) and up. 

Question: Does KanineCare® poop scooper come with bags?

Answer: Yes, there is 1 roll bag (15PCS )in the scooper.

Question: Can I use my own bag?

Answer: Yes, but we recommend using our bag. It fits perfectly! Just be sure to pick the matching size for your KanineCare® poop scooper when purchasing our bags.