We are a family owned business based out of the Los Angeles California. We love pets. That's why, for more than 35 years, we've been on a mission to provide products and services that will enhance your pet's life and give you peace of mind.

And we're proud to have made a difference for over 120,000 pets - and the people who love them - with our dog toothbrush which removes/prevents plaque and tartar. It allows pets to brush their own teeth and avoids expensive vet care where pets are put under anesthesia.

We truly believe in nurturing the lifelong bond between pets and people, and pledge to continue to help you keep your pets healthy, safe and happy for years to come.

The Kanine Care and Healthy Smiles Company is a family of pet-loving professionals dedicated to facilitating a rewarding, lifelong relationship between pets and their owners by offering products and services that keep pets happy, healthy and safe while providing their owners with peace of mind.